Why the UK Economy Attracts Foreign Investors?

As much debate and conversation relation to the immigration, the government is recent reviewing all immigration policies for the purpose of fair to the immigrants and citizens. The lasted figures published by the Office for National Statistic indicated that the annual UK net migration was 323,000 last year. Since 2014, Asian investors and entrepreneurs have raised their focus on UK Economy and European Financial Hub – London particularly.

UK Investor Visa has existed for many years to allow high net worth individual with at least £2m or more to invest in the United Kingdom on a long-term basis. The visa are allowed investors and their family to relocate, run the business successfully. Applicants can obtain settlement after 5 years, moreover in some cases this period could be reduced.This immigration route is very attractive particularly for Chinese, Russian Investors and their families, not only because enviable tax incentives, a highly developed financial sector, cultural diversity and integration, outstanding education system, but also a more fair and stable country to invest.

If Investor Visa can be compared with Entrepreneur Visa, then last one was designed for person who would like to establish new business venture and freshly invest £200,000 in British Economy. With the rapid growth in regards to technical innovation and high-level investment in start-ups, the Migration Advisory Committee and the Government is currently working to enhance the development of Entrepreneur Visa Programme which can offer a brilliant scheme for establish technology businesses and job opportunities for local market. Following the discussions, the government believes that it will encourage and attract more non-EU immigrants thinking business activity locate in the UK. There is no doubt, that Britain is one of the best relocation option for anyone who looking for a fair country, which has strong traditions of Common Law, well established business environment and one of the greatest places to live in for a families and study for children.

Britain has reputable democracy with rule of law, which offering citizen high-quality of life and compelling value proposition for businesses that other countries cannot be compared. Britain has a stable economy and favourable policies attract the most investment funding and start-ups. Together with many investment banks, family offices and legal advisors providing assistance for investors and entrepreneurs, particularly in London. However, we understand that when you are looking to make such a big move, the considerations you need to make can sometimes become overwhelming. It’s our job to provide all the guidance and advice you require to make informed decisions and attain the best outcomes.


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