What will happen to EU nationals in the UK?

As every news station, newspaper and radio station mentioned this, the UK in a couple of months will begin talks to leave the European Union. A lot of English laws and regulations regarding the safety of your job, family life and residency may be in danger if no European law safeguards are left.

As you may be aware the initial idea behind ‘Brexit’ was to stop the influx of immigrants to the UK.

The EU laws for the moment are still binding but soon this will change. A lot of immigrants will be faced with the reality that they do not satisfy the Tier visa requirements and will have no other choice but to leave the UK.

Those who hold a valid EU country nationality and their family members, proven they can satisfy certain requirements, can obtain a permanent residence card or a family member visa which will allow them to work, live and study in the UK. In other words, we highly recommend all European nationals and their family members to start preparing documentation to secure a place in the UK following the result of the referendum.

The reason why European nationals and their family members can still apply for visas and residence documentations is because the Regulations (or laws) are still in effect and are deeply rooted in British law. The government would have to repeal these laws to affect immigrants. There is a high chance that these laws will be repealed. In other words, slowly the guarantees you have for the safety of your job, residence and the right to study will disappear.

Here are the documents immigrants and their family members can apply:

Registration Certificate

This is the first and easiest document a European National can apply for. Under this certificate a ‘Qualified Person’ is someone who is working, self-employed, studying, self-sufficient. We highly recommend this document to those Europeans who do not satisfy the permanent residence criteria. This is not a difficult document to obtain and is a good starting point to work towards permanent residency.

Permanent Residence Card

This type of residence can be obtained by EEA nationals and their non-EU family members after five years of lawful and continuous stay in the UK. The definition of lawful in this regards means that an individual(s) is a worker, self-employed, student or self-sufficient. Each of these categories require different documents and we can advise and help you to prepare them.

For those non-EU family members (in this regards spouses/civil partners) who have divorced their European family member it is still possible to obtain a permanent residence permit by Retained Right of Residence. However, the marriage had to have lasted for at least 3 years.

Family Members of European Nationals

This type of visa splits into two different categories. Those who are spouses, civil partners, descendants (children), up to 21 years of age, of the European national or the spouse, civil partner and dependants who are over the age of 21.

The second category is Extended Family Members. This applies to those who are in a relationship with the EU national like an uncle, aunt, grandchildren, cousins and etc.

Each of these visas require specific documents which we can help you with the collection and preparation. Upon a successful application the visa will grant the non-EU nationals the right to work, study and live in the UK for 5 years. After that period these individuals may ask for Permanent Residence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance in making an application.


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