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Immigration compliance support for UK business

Compliance support assists UK business’s adhere to immigration laws and regulations in the UK. Also, If a company holds a sponsorship licence to employ or educate people that need permission from the Home Office, there will be an expectation from you to fulfil various duties.

Each business who holds such a licence should know where the migrant staff are during working hours and that any changes are recorded and updated appropriately via the SMS system.

The Sponsorship Management System or more commonly known as SMS is used by employer’s to log the daily work activities of the non-European. These logs include but are not limited to work attendance, tardiness, lateness and etc.

We can help you fulfill their expectations.

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Compliance Support

The Home Office will regularly update their extensive lists regarding guidance and appendices on sponsorship.

Therefore it is vital that a business that employs migrants must be fully aware of your current and updated duties, responsibilities and possible problems that may initially appear to be routine issues.

Additionally, we are able to offer you advice on compliance issues under the sponsorship licence that you currently hold (Tier 2, Tier 4 or Tier 5). Furthermore, this service is to ensure that you will maintain your licence rating and that your personnel are kept up to date on rule changes which may affect your business.

As part of your duties, you have to report on any changes in regards to the relevant migrant workers. For example, changes to the migrants circumstances, changes to your business structure and etc.

The company has to retain certain migrant documentation to ensure full compliance with the sponsorship requirements.

We can help you with:

  • Attending as legal representatives on official Home Office audits/compliance visits
  • Record keeping and monitoring duties
  • Conducting immigration mock audits t oases your practises and systems against sponsorship licence requirements and advising you with recommendations for improvements, changes or additions.
  • Advice with the recruitment process and advertising in compliance with the Resident Labour Market Test
  • Providing in-house training to your HR Department on reporting duties
  • Advice on immigration including but not limited to work checks and prevention of illegal working

If your business has received a category B rating we can assist you to effectively implement any recommended action plan in order for your full licence category rating to be reinstated.

In the event that a licence has been suspended or revoked we can assist by way of Judicial Review. Moreover, we at Mann’s Solutions have comprehensive experience in challenges decisions made by the Home Office. We can help make a difference.

Apply for a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence or a Tier 4 Sponsorship Licence to sponsor non-European migrants.
FAQ – Compliance Support
What do I need to report to the Home Office?

You will need to report your migrant working forces activities. For instance, have they been late for work, have they been avoiding work on purpose and etc.

When can I apply for a licence?

There exists no specific time frame.

How many migrants can I employ?

There is a certain limit on how much migrants you can employ each month. Furthermore, that number resets every month.

How many people need to oversee reporting?

One person can be enough to fit all roles in regards to supporting.

Will the Home Office conduct a visit?

The Home Office can send their staff to inspect your place of work announced or unannounced. Furthermore, It would be in your best interest to make sure everything is in order and complies with the relevant laws.

Can I immediately hire a migrant worker?

No, you will first need to pass the RLMT (resident labour market test) before you can employ a migrant worker. This test is basically a 28 day advertisement for that job position (conditions apply).

What kind of documents will I need to show?

Under the guidance you must show at least 4 documents in regards to your firm. However, more documents should be to properly explain various circumstances.

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