Unmarried Partner

Unmarried Partner Visa

To apply for this visa your family member must be either a British Citizen or settled in the UK (it may also be possible to apply if your partner has asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK). Furthermore, the unmarried couple must be in a subsisting relationship for at least 2 years and evidence will need to be presented to support this claim. The duration of stay is similar to a spouse visa. The initial visa is granted for 33 months (or 30 if applying within the UK) and the extension is for the duration of 30 months. This visa grants the opportunity to apply for settlement (ILR) after 5 years of residence.

What are you getting?

Leave to enter stay in the UK initially for up to 33 month with a possibility to extend

Settlement settle in the UK after 5 years


  • Travel abroad and return to the UK
  • You will have the right to work, study and live
  • You will not need sponsorship to work
  • After obtaining ILR you may qualify for British Citizenship

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