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March 24, 2020

UK Visas Update: What to do, if you granted the visa, but cannot enter the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions

Many of our clients asking relevant questions about entering the UK Visas after obtaining the visa. As some countries implemented measures and temporary stopped flights in and out of the country then it might affect the clients as initial entry based on sticker (vignette) in Passport given only for 30 days.

Applicant can reapply for new sticker after 30 days of current vignette expires and manage to enter the UK, off course they must submit application form and provide evidence why and which reasons stops them to enter the country within 30 days given initially. 30-day vignettes can be replaced using a transfer of conditions and not as a new application for leave to enter. The current Home Office fee for a Transfer of Conditions is £169 per applicant.


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