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April 9, 2020

UK Visa Update: Shall Applicant apply for UK Visa now or wait until COVID-19 pandemic stopped

Our clients asking genuine questions in regards of UK Visa and Immigration programmes, as mainly they are concerned about procedure of visa application and further steps in relocation to the UK.

Why Applicant should apply for UK Visa nowadays?

Its very common question among our prospective clients and we would like to highlight the main reasons below:

  • Applicant can arrange majority of documents due online access to it
  • Applicant can book time slots in some Visa Centres for May and June 2020 in order to avoid waiting list
  • Applicant can submit Online Application form at any time now in order to avoid waiting list as Home Office will be overloaded with cases after COVID-19 stops.
  • Applicant can plan their trip in advance and arrive prior of School’s period starts in September 2020

What is the process of apply for UK Visa in current situation, as majority of  Visa Centres are temporary closed in the UK and abroad?

  1. Prepare all documents
  2. Submit Online Visa Application
  3. Wait for available time slot in UK Visa Centre in order to provide biometrics

In order to apply for a UK Visa from overseas or UK applicant required to prepare all documents first. Once all documents are ready, then London Immigration lawyers will be able to prepare and submit Online Visa Application. Once Time Slots in Visa Centres became available then applicant will be able to attend it to provide biometrics and submit documents.

What if Applicant will apply for UK visa after international flights resumed and  Visa Centres opened globally?

Once applicant will submit all relevant documents and proceed with visa online application, then it might take more time for Home Office to evaluate the case as many applicants placed the visa application on hold now and it may create huge waiting list. Applicant may risk to obtain their visa within extended period.


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