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March 27, 2020

UK Visa Refusal: Main Reasons why UK Visa has been refused

UK Visa Application and process are one of the an extremely time-consuming as well as expensive and a UK Visa Refusal from the Home Office can be absolutely devastating to the applicant. It is crucial for many individuals to get the visa application right the first time and our immigration lawyers can help applicant with that.

Main Reasons of UK Visa Application Refused

The most common reasons for applicant’s UK visa application being refused are:

  1. Failing the English language requirement test
  2. Incorrect organisation of documents
  3. Insufficient evidence of relationship of spouse and other partner visas)
  4. Applying for the wrong type of visa
  5. Failure to disclose convictions abroad

However, in many cases applicant still have options as they may often be able to appeal the visa refusal or send in a new UK visa application correctly.

The minimum score applicant must achieve on the English language requirement test for the majority of visas is B1. However, in some cases applicant may need a slightly higher score of B2. This means that the they must speak English at an intermediate level.

Home Office always pay attention to details as small as the organisation of applicant’s evidence and documents. Documents must be arranged and stored in chronological order in order to present it correctly.

For instance, the most common reason of spouse visa is insufficient evidence of applicant’s relationship; to avoid refusal, their relationship is genuine, such as proving applicant’s and their partner have been living together and other evidence.

There is specific visa category set out for each reason applicant would be given access to the UK. Each visa requires them to meet certain requirements and supporting documentation. If applicant applied for the wrong visa, it means they will likely not meet these eligibility requirements and therefore will be refused.

Apply for Appeal of UK Visa Refusal

Applicant may find that when your decision letter arrives with negative outcome. If this is the case, refusal letter will inform applicant of chances to appeal the decision, as this will be dependent on the type of visa they applied for.

Apply for an Administrative Review of UK Visa Refusal

Applicant can apply for an administrative review of their refused application if this is applicable. An administrative review will be carried out by an entry clearance officer (ECO) instead of the appeals tribunal.


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