UK Unmarried Partner Visa

UK Unmarried Partner Visa

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Apply for Unmarried Partner Visa
An Unmarried Partner visa is aimed at individuals who are not married and may not plan on getting married but would like to live together in the UK. To apply for an unmarried partner visa there must be either a British Citizen or someone who is has settled status in the UK. Furthermore, it may also be possible to apply if your partner has asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK.
This type of visa has a requirement that a relationship must be subsisting for at least 2 years and evidence must be presented to support such claims. Upon successfully receiving an Unmarried Partner visa the duration of leave will be for 33 months. However, if the visa has been applied from within the UK it will be granted for 30 months.
Fiancé visas can also be applied by Unmarried partners. Upon a successful application leave will be granted for 6 months. Nonetheless, during this period the unmarried partners must get married.

Extensions are possible as an unmarried partner. After the initial 33 months, it is possible to extend for an additional 30 months in the UK. Furthermore, Rules state that the relationship must be durable and the relevant financial and language requirements must be met.
After a total of 5 years in the UK it is possible to apply for settlement as an unmarried partner. However, requirements regarding funds and language will need to be met as well as successfully passing the life in the UK test.

Apply for Settlement (ILR) after 5 years of Residency in the UK.