UK Property: Mann’s Solutions Group partners with BARRAT DEVELOPMENTS PLC

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December 12, 2018
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December 21, 2018
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We are delighted to inform our clients, that  Mann’s Solutions Group officially has entered UK property industry and as of November 2018 started doing its first sales of property developer Barratt Developments PLC, one of top 5 property developers in the UK by building number of square metres.

Barratt Developments joined our  Seminar ‘International Citizen 2018’ in Istanbul, Turkey on December 8, 2018. Associate Director of Middle East Region of Barratt Developments was presented on the seminar and provided exclusive deals and opportunities of properties in London and other cities in the UK.

At Mann’s Solutions, we provide a distinctive alternative to traditional city firms. Our roots come from a non-traditional background of Banking sector allowing the firm to approach tasks differently from other organisations. This, combined, with the global resources we have at our disposal allows us to act quickly and flexibly to any situation.