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April 14, 2021

UK Innovator Visa Case Study: Co-Founder of Fintech Start-Up Longevity Card Shares his Experience

We are delighted to continue our UK immigration Series of Successful Cases with our clients. Recently, we interviewed one of our Innovator Visa clients, Mr. Sergey Balasanyan, co-founder and CEO of Fintech Longevity Card (, who was successfully approved for the Entry Clearance application.  

Where are you from and what is your occupation? Tell us please a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Nagorno-Karabakh but grew up in Moscow where eventually finished State Management University. I started my career in 2012 in banking, where I worked for more than 5 years including investment banking and private banking. In 2017 I started learning more about technologies and later moved to London where I founded Longevity Card, my current business. 

Tell us about the size of your business and the number of employees?

As we just started, at the moment we have up to 50 employees, however, we have an expansion plan and are looking forward to growing our team.

Why did you decide to relocate and establish a business in the UK?

I decided to relocate to the UK as I was offered the position of partner in a FinTech company in London. The position required a move to the UK. Even though I had never been to London before and knew nothing about the city I felt like this is the right place to be and the city is full of opportunities.

How did you settle in the UK?

I didn’t have any problems with adaptation. I grew up in a big city, and all big cities live by the same rules, the same “stone jungle” philosophy. I had already spent several years in Vienna, considered by many to be the best place in the world to live, and I found the Austrian capital to be burdensome to me, with its quiet and slow life. London, on the other hand, had a drive I hadn’t felt anywhere else. Finding my place here was quite easy, when you are surrounded by over 200 different nationalities, it is difficult to feel like an outsider.

How did you contact Mann’s Solutions team and how they handled and supported your case?

I contacted Mann’s Solutions through their website and approached one of the client relationship consultants. After a short talk, I understood that I’m dealing with the right and very experienced company within the business and immigration sector. They successfully allocated the right endorsement body, endorsed my business idea, and prepared all necessary legal documents and investment papers quickly and in the right way. In the end, I was granted the Innovator visa just within 28 days. I enjoyed working with Mann’s Solutions team a lot.

The article was approved by the client to be published.


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