Types of Property in the UK



When deciding to buy a property, regardless of the country, the most important factor to consider is the location. London is one of the most desirable cities to buy property in UK especially if the purchase is being made with the intention of investing. A well-chosen location will be the best cushion against falling prices. It is best to invest into property in an area that is up and coming, as the property prices in such areas usually skyrocket within several years.

London is divided into 9 zones with zone 1 and 2 forming the city centre. Belgravia, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea are the most prestigious areas. The areas surrounding them are also considered very appealing and will have better prices on offer. London is a very diverse city with metropolitan areas neighbouring with quiet and peaceful suburban environments.

Types of Properties

  • A detached house (mansion)
  • A semi-detached house
  • A terraced house
  • A flat or an apartment

It is important to note that purchase of property in UK will not affect the immigration process for the individual and on its’ own does not guarantee provision of visa.


UK properties can be owned either leasehold or freehold.

Freehold title gives you the right to fully own the property. As a freeholder, you will have full responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of the property and also bear the risk of damage and destruction.

Leasehold ownership means that the land is owned by a freeholder but the lease allows the leaseholder to occupy the property on the land for as long as it is specified on the lease.

Once the lease terminates the property once again is possessed by the freeholder. The right of possession is granted for up to 999 years but usually the leases on properties are much shorter.

In general flats are usually leasehold and flats are freehold.


Generally, when considering costs the main element to look out for is the stamp duty which can be up to 12% for residential properties priced above £1,500,000 when bough by an individual and 15% of the property price valued above £500,000 if purchased by a company. Commissions will be paid off to the estate agents if one has been used when purchasing a property and will comprise of 1.5%-2.5% of the property value. Lawyers will also charge 0.5% of the property price for their services.

Our Approach to UK Visas

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