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February 8, 2020

Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Official Options to Invest $500,000

Our clients are mostly interested in Turkish Citizenship by investment programme due to fact of flexibility of the investment and amount of it, moreover opportunities it brings to relocate to USA and UK potentially, via different immigration routes by being Turkish citizen.

Overview of the investment options available to invest $500,000 below:

  1. Deposit $500,000, or the Lira equivalent into a Turkish bank account, and keep it there for a minimum of 3 years,
  2. Invest a minimum of $500,000 into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), for at least 3 years,
  3. Purchase $500,000, or TL equivalent of government bonds, and hold onto for at least 3 years.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Depositing Cash into Turkish Bank Account

  1. How much required to be deposited into savings bank account and can it be deposited in different banks?

It’s not required that such amount shall be deposited to only one (1) single bank that operates in Turkey. In this context, foreigner may deposit the money more than one (1) bank operating in Turkey with the condition to keep such deposit at such bank for at least three (3) years and the total deposited amounts shall be equal to $500,000.

  1. Can applicant use joint bank account in Turkey?

Applicant shall also apply for Turkish citizenship based on a joint account (with his/her spouse or any other person) provided that joint account holder(s) other than the applicant has an express consent that they keep such deposit at bank for at least three (3) years.

  1. Is it possible to change the currency or type of investment in such three (3) year period? (such as purchasing a real estate investment fund share and capital investment trusts fund share with a minimum value of $500.000)

It is possible to change the currency or type of investment in such three (3) year period which is mentioned in Regulation (such as purchasing a real estate investment fund share and capital investment trusts fund share with a minimum value of $500.000). However, in case of shifting the amount to another investment type, such process shall be instantaneous and there shall not be any interruption for three (3) years period. Otherwise, the BRSA shall promptly inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding such interruption. Also, a foreigner may benefit from the interest, dividend and similar returns arising from the deposited amount pursuant to executed contracts with banks and type of the bank account provided that the deposited amount shall not fall below the amount of USD 500.000.

  1. Which type of currency is determined for the passport application and investment criteria?

In the event that a currency other than the U.S. Dollar is deposited in the banks, the U.S. Dollar equivalent at the date of the opening of the account shall be determined and the deposited amount shall be expected to remain in the banks at the same rate determined for three (3) years. Therefore, potential alterations on exchange rates shall not be considered.

  1. What if applicant withdraw partially deposited money once and then put it back?

The amount which deposited in a Turkish bank will be blocked for three (3) years with applicant’s request. However, this is not a blockade that makes the amount cannot be withdrawn by the holder of the bank account. As soon as the amount withdrawn by the account holder or it is fallen under 500.000 USD, the bank will report the situation to the BRSA and the BRSA will immediately inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs for initiation the cancelling process for Turkish citizenship. If this occurred once, new application will not be considered as an on-going time span [three (3) year period]. Since the amount can be withdrawn by the applicant, there shall not be any restriction on the deposit account such as a sequestration or any other legal limitations. If there occur any restriction, circumstance will be announced to Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Real Estate Investment Trust Shares

Foreign investors can invest in Real Estate Investment Trust, which is approved by the Capital Markets Board and related to the establishment of each types of trust.

Real estate investment trusts (REIT) opens a new door for both investors and project owners operating in the promising real estate market. For, in the projects requiring full-scale investments such as shopping malls and business centres, both parties are confronted with the same problem, and at this point REITs play a crucial role and benefit for the investor/applicant.

The Turkish company will be allowed to invest in real estate assets with amount of $500,000:

–          properties and rights over properties;

–          deposits and participations;

–          warrants;

–          certificates.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Government Debt Instruments

The Debt Securities Market aims to determine the prices that investors will invest with fixed income securities in a competitive environment in the market and convert them into cash at any time.

There are nine (9) types of debt securities announced by Borsa Istanbul:

  • Government Debt Securities,
  • Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Liquidity Bills
  • Revenue Sharing Certificates
  • Revenue Indexed Bonds
  • Private Sector Bonds
  • Commercial Papers
  • Bank Bills
  • Asset-backed Securities
  • Asset-based Securities

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance has not issued a circular. However, pursuant to paragraph (d) of Article 20 of the Regulation, the foreign investor holding at least USD 500,000 government debt instruments mentioned above shall be eligible for the application.

In order to qualify for citizenship within the framework of the Regulation, the foreign investor shall have the relevant shares without any interruption for three (3) years from the date the investment requirement is met.


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