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December 25, 2019

Turkish Citizenship By Investment: Detailed Guidelines of process buying Property

Since 18.09.2018 President of Turkey signed amended Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5091. Our clients who are applying and applied with us on Turkish Citizenship by Investment mostly used scheme by purchasing property and decided you elaborate and explain it greater details below, how this process works.

Purchase of Property – Turkish Citizenship By Investment

The foreigners determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that have purchased a real property at least in the amount of $250,000 or its equivalent value in Turkish Lira or in foreign currency provided that an annotation stating that it is not to be sold for 3 years added to the title deed .

  • The foreign investor applies to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to obtain the certificate of suitability with the documents which is requested by the Ministry of Environment and
  • The foreign investor applies to one of the aforementioned authorities with the common documents and undermentioned additional
  • The Central Bank of Turkish Republic’s effective selling rate and/ or cross exchange rate as of the determination date shall be taken as basis on the determination of the monetary value stated
  • The monetary value of $250,000 shall only apply in the case of the real property is bought after 18 September 201
  • The relevant authority drafts application petition regarding the applicant foreign
  • The application petition can be signed by the applicant personally or by the attorney who authorized with the special power of
Required Documents regarding Purchase of Real Property Explanations
1 The certificate of suitability Can be obtained from the Ministry of Environment with a petition              and               the documents/information     which will    be   requested   from    the

relevant Ministry as attachment (land registration etc.)

2 Real property valuation report This report must be issued by a valuation specialist who has a valid licence and must indicate the market value of the real property
3 Copy of the land registration of the real property3 This document must be certified by the relevant land registry office.


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