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November 5, 2020

Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Best Property Options for $250K or Bank Deposits $500K

According to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme, applicants must be able to prove that their real estate is worth the qualifying $250,000. By Turkish Law, professional consultants must provide an independent valuation before acquiring the property.

Property Options for $250K

Istanbul comes on top of the list of best places to purchase the property in Turkey. It’s the largest city and the largest property market in Turkey. The now-rural area near Istanbul’s newest airport is bound to become the busiest airport in Europe, ready to service over 100 million passengers per year once it’s unveiled fully in 2025. Investing into nearby development projects may be a very timely and rewarding for our clients.

The capital Ankara has also drawn a great number of investors. Other cities like Izmir have grown in real estate rates in the recent years. On the cost, Antalya remains an obvious choice for many investors due to its developed infrastructure due to great seaside infrastructure and well-known resorts for international tourists around the world.

Bank Deposits $500K

Applicants have increased interest in the $500,000 bank deposit scenario to obtain Turkish Passport. It is a straightforward procedure, its only require putting the money in the bank and hold it for the term of three years. This is a route that has particularly attracted many Chinese and Middle East investors.

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