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October 18, 2019

Turkish Citizenship By Investment: Benefits of Second Passport

Our clients procure a Turkish Citizenship By Investment due to various reasons. Some are interested in purchasing property in Istanbul or the coastal towns, yet others value the investment and business perspectives in the country and Turkey’s favourable taxation system, other are attracted by the opportunity of free entry into 115 countries including Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Total Costs of obtaining Turkish Passport

The Turkish authorities have decreased the required investment sum from $1 million to $250,000 in 2018, and it should only be held for three years.

Investment Options to proceed with Turkish citizenship

There are three investment options below:

  1. Client can purchase property starting at $250,000. In this case, they can sell the property in three years (which will not in any way affect their citizenship).
  2. Client can invest into capital assets of a Turkish company (the investment should be authorised by the Ministry of Industry and Technology), open a deposit in a Turkish bank at a minimum sum of $500,000 (for the term of three years) or purchase corporate bonds with dividend pay-outs (the minimum investment term is three years).
  3. Client can establish their own company registered in Turkey and create a minimum of 50 jobs (for the term of three years).

Property Investment Projects

By investing $250,000, client will be able to purchase an apartment in Istanbul as well as a beautiful seaview villa in Antalya, Bodrum or other coastal cities. Many investors purchase apartments and houses here with a purpose of reaping rental incomes.

High net worth individuals from across the globe are frequent buyers of apartments in Turkey, the current rate of the Turkish Lira allows you to buy property at bargain prices.

Timeline of obtaining Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Client will be granted the Turkish citizenship very fast: just 60 days after the investment process is over. Note! Before client apply for the passport, they need to open an account at a Turkish bank and invest the funds.

Turkish Passport for the family

Client can include into the application their spouse and under-age children.

How to start the process of preparation for Turkish Passport

There are steps towards Turkish citizenship below:

  1. Client need to address an investment immigration specialist. Hand-in-hand with the specialist you will choose the best-fitting investment option based on your needs, capacities and interests
  2. Client collect all the necessary documents
  3. Client invest according to the programme conditions
  4. Client receive a residence permit and submit a passport application

Obtain Residence Permit prior of getting Turkish Passport

Client will receive the residence permit right after they make the investment. They don’t have to reside in Turkey – there is no such application requirement. Once client is granted the residence permit, they can apply for the citizenship right away.

Documents are required to submit an application

Following documents:

  1. Valid passport. The document should be notarised and translated into Turkish
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Four passport photos (for every family member)
  4. Marriage certificate (if you immigrate with your spouse)
  5. Your children’s birth certificates (if you immigrate with children)
  6. Copy of Turkish ID and address of your relatives in Turkey (if you have any)
  7. Payment of fee receipt
  8. Documents proving your investment
  9. Turkish residence permit or a valid tourist visa

Exams and interviews.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme requires no exams or interviews. Moreover, our clients are applying for passport remotely – they don’t need to be physically present.

Residence Requirements to stay in Turkey

Turkey has no residential requirements. Neither before nor after procuring the citizenship.

Route to British Passport via Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizens can relocate to the UK with a Turkish Businessperson business visa. Immigration experts note that many affluent citizens take this very path to attain their goal of relocating to London.

Route to US Passport via Turkish Citizenship

Turkish passport is the right of Turkish citizens to obtain the US E-2 business visa followed by the EB-5 immigration visa. After procuring the latter, they can apply for the green card.


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