Turkish Businessperson Visa: Securing Extension for 3 years

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February 13, 2019
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February 27, 2019

Start Planning Your Immigration Strategy Off the Right Foot

In order to extend your leave to remain in the UK on Turkish Businessperson Visa, the applicant is required to follow UK Immigration rules. The visa can be extended by the Home Office for either 12 months or 3 years, depending on what evidence the applicant is able to provide in support of their application. Highlighted below you will find the main requirements the applicant needs to satisfy to secure a 3-year extension of their Turkish Business Person in the UK:

  • Personal Requirements

The applicant must focus on the financial and business side of the documents for an extension of the visa, as the main complex area of visa extension application is business activities and correlation of the business operations within personal circumstances in the UK.

The applicant and their family are required to provide sufficient evidence of their personal income and savings to support themselves in the UK. Whether the applicant is renting accommodation in the UK or owns it, whether the applicant’s personal expenses are low or high, every document confirming various types of the applicant’s expenses in the UK will make a huge difference in case preparation and the outcome of the application. It is vital to set up a successful strategy for the extension application in advance in order to obtain the visa for 3 years.

  • Proof of established and running company

It is important to establish the UK business by using the correct business structure (please read our previous article HERE) in order to prepare and collect the right documents from the point of relocation to the UK. Various legal business structures will generate different documents, which will be required for submission with the visa extension application.

The applicant must follow their business plan and commit to growing and developing their business operations in the UK to a stage, where the profits drawn from this business are sufficient to cover personal costs of living in the UK, as explained above. Home Office require the applicant to provide evidence of personal and business-related taxes paid in the UK in the form of the relevant financial documents and statements.

Being able to present evidence of business activity in the UK is vital for the applicant looking to secure a 3-year extension. Additionally, provision of marketing materials and other necessary information such as client agreements or work merits is an important part of setting up a strong strategy for a successful extension of the Turkish Business Person Visa.

  • Personal and Business financial Requirements

The applicant and their family must establish a strong financial presence in the UK via structuring their personal budgets, such as expenses for renting a house, paying general bills, purchasing vehicles, paying for children’s education etc. The set personal expenses budgets must correlate with successful business operations, financial security of the company and the income the applicant draws from their business in the UK. If the applicant fails to do so, they will be required to show access to sufficient personal savings or alternative on-going source of income outside the UK (for example rental income from a property owned in Turkey), to support themselves, whilst success of their business in the UK remains to be proven. In these circumstances, the applicant is likely to secure an extension only for 12 months and will need to make a further extension application.

With these factors in mind, the support provided by Mann’s Solutions aims to not only assist and advise the applicants on collating the right documents for the application but to provide an in-depth assessment of your current circumstances and strategic planning of your immigration case in the UK. Our team can assist you from the point of your first relocation to the UK, helping you select the correct business structure, setting your personal budgets and business operations goals, required to secure a successful 3-year extension of your Turkish Business Person Visa in the UK.

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