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August 21, 2020

Turkish Businessperson Visa: Overview of the Visa before Brexit

Turkish Businessperson Visa  ‘Ankara Agreement’ was part of the agreement which was formed in 1963 between Turkey and EU. The purpose of the European Community Association Agreement was to forge an association between the two entities, which would eventually lead to the full accession of Turkey. It led to cooperation on the movement of workers, the UK implemented a Turkish Businessperson visa.

It is unclear whether the Turkish businessperson visa will continue to exist at the start of 2021, as the UK will no longer be a party to the Ankara Agreement.

Eligibility for the Turkish businessperson visa

In order to be eligible for the Turkish businessperson visa, applicant will need to meet the following criteria:

  • must be a Turkish national
  • have a genuine intention to set up a viable business
  • have sufficient funds to establish your business
  • can pay your share of the costs of running the business
  • share of the business’s profits will be enough to support you and your family without your needing to have another job
  • intend to become a sole trader, director of a limited company, or enter into a legal business partnership

If Applicant is planning to invest in an existing business partnership or company rather than creating a new business entity, they will need to prove to Home Office that they intend to have an active part in running the business and that there is a genuine need for their services and investment.

List of Documents require to be submitted as part of visa application.

The Home Office requires that applicant submit the following evidence as part of your application:

  • a valid passport
  • proof applicant can support and house yourself and their dependents during your stay
  • proof of your living costs
  • proof of state benefits applicant has received in the UK (if applicable)
  • tuberculosis (TB) test (if applicable)
  • a blank page in their passport on which to put the visa.

In terms of the business applicant intend to create or join:

  • Evidence they are in the process of planning, setting up or running your business, in the form of:
    • documents for business premises
    • partnership agreements
    • insurance documents
    • business accounts prepared by a chartered accountant or approved by an auditor
    • Relevant HRMC tax documents (including evidence of payment)
    • qualifications for running the business, such as relevant formal qualifications or evidence of previous relevant experience
    • evidence of finances and their investment in the business, such as the UK or overseas bank statements, overseas money transfers, and bank loans
    • a document setting out the terms of your involvement in the business


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