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February 14, 2020

Turkish Businessperson Visa: Entry Clearance Requirements for main applicant

Many of our clients would like to apply for Turkish businessperson visa due to fact that it can be cancelled at the time of UK will leave EU and follow consultation of Article 50.

Some of the clients are more experienced than others, some of them are graduates from Turkish Universities and has limited experience in field they are proposing to run the business.

There are certain requirements each applicant must follow in order to qualify for Turkish businessperson visa.

Under article 41 of the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) the Home Office applies legislation as it was in 1973. The on entry 1973 business rules (HC509) state a person should apply for entry clearance at a post in the country or territory where they are living, if they wish to come and establish in business in the UK.

A person can enter in another capacity prior to obtaining leave. Entry clearance is not mandatory.

The following requirements for entry clearance for those coming to join an established business are in paragraph 31 of HC509:

  • the applicant is bringing money of their own to put into the business
  • the applicant will be able to bear their share of the liabilities
  • the share of the profits will be sufficient to support them and their dependants
  • the applicant will be actively concerned in the running of the business
  • there is a genuine need for their services and investment
  • the accounts of the business for previous years must be produced

The following requirements for entry clearance for those coming to establish a business on their own account are in paragraph 32 of HC509:

  • the applicant is bringing into the country sufficient funds to establish a business
  • the business can realistically support them and any dependants without the need to take employment


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