Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa UK

Today we will share with you the possibility of staying in the UK if you happened to finish a university and decided to try yourself out as an entrepreneur If this sounds like you, then this article can be

Britain for business

“Britain is open for business” – a campaign driven by many successive UK governments attracting talented entrepreneurs worldwide to set up or invest in an existing business in the UK The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is the natural visa

Political process stabilisation

With Theresa May as the United Kingdom’s new prime minister, investors were given a little more certainty in regards to the present political situation As Theresa May has become the second Prime Minister she has taken the daunting challenge

UK Budget 2016 – News for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

On 16 March, George Osborne the UK Chancellor (Finance Minister) claimed new Budget 2016 The Budget sets out long-term solutions for the investment and economy, building an environment of supports and savings for the next generation In order to