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November 28, 2019

Sole Representative Visa: Guidelines for preparation of Business Plan

The first step towards a successful Sole Representative Visa application is building a strong and solid Business Plan. A suitable and comprehensive business plan can be the difference between a visa granted and a refusal of your case.

A foreign businessperson might have profound knowledge of the business they are conducting and wanting to bring to the United Kingdom. Though it is highly likely they do not know what precisely the Home Office is looking for when assessing a Representative of an Overseas Business visa application. For that, as part of our packages, we engage professional business plan writers who are strongly experienced in visa applications. As our client, this increases your chances of success in getting your visa and then being able to set up your business in the UK.

Our professional business plan writers have in-depth knowledge of the United Kingdom market and have been in the field for a long time. With that expertise and experience, we are able to foresee what the British government may require. For instance, our business plans cover the investment figures and how the money is going to be spent.

Providing a clear and professional business plan can also mean that, you might not need to undergo a visa interview, saving you time, money and hassle. The benefits of a quality business plan are not just from a visa application perspective: you have access to valuable information on how to run your business once it is established in the United Kingdom. It not just allows you to brainstorm possible ways of dealing with challenges, the ideal business plan will anticipate them for your benefit. Our professionals develop detailed researches that may supplement the information you already have.

As part of your Sole Representative Visa application process, the Home Office expects you to present a business plan outlining the business model, initial investment and other key aspects for the grant of the visa. It is a reassurance that your business would be successful in the United Kingdom and also benefit the local economy.

Within the executive content, the Home Office will have access from an introduction of the business to its objectives. The business plan will introduce the company’s details in regards to funding sources, location and ownership. The market analysis will be in charge of explaining to the caseworker the industry overview, market segmentation, target market strategy and other aspects. The sales and marketing strategy side of the business plan explains the marketing, advertising and sales strategies and forecast. The business plan will also explore the company’s organisational structure by laying out management team and professional qualifications. Lastly, the financial plan within the business plan will thoroughly state a break-even analysis, project profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet for the near and long-term future.

At first sight, the sole representative visa application can often be underestimated in terms of its complexity. Nonetheless, at a closer look, the process proves to be quite challenging, as the rules do not lay down minimum requirements as to investment and companies’ size.  The main reasons applications are refused range from:

  1. Investment and market-focus in Europe rather than the United Kingdom itself;
  2. Number of employees in the parent company;
  3. Lack of leadership within the parent company if the main director is to be appointed the sole representative.


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