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February 10, 2020

Sole Representative Visa: Preparation of Business Plan and Visa Interview with UKVI

Businesspeople and international entrepreneurs looking for expansion and develop business abroad and open new markets. Sole Representative Visa is viable option to set up a branch in the UK and operate limited company and develop services or sell products in the UK.

In order to succeed with visa preparation an applicant must prepare detailed business plan.

Business plan for sole representative visa play critical role in process of obtaining visa, as its outline Parent company activities, future business activities in the UK and financial position of company in the UK.

From our extensive experience, we can outline important parts of the business plan preparation and information which must be highlighted:

  • Detailed activities of “parent” company
  • Education and industry experience of the applicant
  • Amount of Investment (Start-up Costs) with clarification, why particular amount of funds needed
  • Future Activities of UK company
  • Detailed Competitors Analysis
  • Personnel Plan and Detailed Salaries Budget for the company
  • Profit and Loss Statement, explaining financial position of the UK company

Applicant must be aware of the scope and details of the business plan they are prepared in order to execute it, once they are granted the visa and arrive in the UK.

We decided to mention 2 different topics in this article as at some point they are interrelated, its Business Plan preparation and go through Interview with Home Office, UKVI is making decision by themselves, if applicant will be interviewed or not.

There is some interview questions UKVI might ask the applicant:

  1. Tell me about your current company – who do you do?


  1. How long has it been set up?


  1. Who are main shareholders?


  1. What is your position in the company?


  1. How many employees do you have?


  1. What was the sales figures from the last financial year?


  1. What was the net profit?


  1. How do you generate business?


  1. Why have you decided to open up a branch in the UK?


  1. How much capital have you allocated for the business in the UK?


  1. Which part of the UK are you setting up the business?


  1. Why have chosen xxxxx?


  1. How are you going to utilise the XXXX of capital.


  1. What is the forecast of sales in the first 5 years?


  1. How have you arrived at those figures?


  1. Did you get help to write the Business Plan?


  1. How will the parent company fill the void left by you?


  1. Will the parent company continue after the UK branch is set up and become successful?


Please be advised all information stated above is based on our experience, its on Home Office discretion to arrange an interview or not and to ask particular questions they are believe more important in order to make a decision on the case.

We always advice clients to review their case and make sure that they are aware of all details of operations and strategy of “parent” company and UK subsidiary, as applicant will be responsible for running branch in the UK.


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