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August 20, 2020

Sole Representative Visa: Genuineness Requirements

Our clients who applies for Sole Representative Visa from 4th June 2020 must pass genuineness requirements which must be satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that they meet all relevant criteria.

There are immigration requirements applies below:

  • additional information and evidence, and refuse the application if the information or evidence demonstrating that applicant meet all of the criteria is not provided within a reasonable timeframe without providing a reasonable explanation;
  • An applicant attends an interview and refuse the application if they fail to comply with any such request without providing a reasonable explanation for their inability to attend the interview.

Home Office will have further enquiries on their visa application, if the following applies below:

  • the overseas business has only a small number of staff or trading premises;
  • the overseas business only has a trading presence in one other country and no track record of international expansion;
  • the overseas business has only been set up recently;
  • applicant have little evidence of the overseas business’s trading presence and business activities (whether physical or internet-based);
  • the applicant has previous activity in the UK that is not related to the business they now represent, or there is some similar reason to doubt they will only work in accordance the conditions of their leave;
  • the domestic rules on business ownership in the country where the overseas business is located, necessitate a request for non-standard information to determine whether the applicant owns or controls that business.

These reasons will not automatically indicate a lack of genuineness in every case, and therefore are to be regarded as indicators of a need to obtain further information rather than as grounds for refusal in themselves.


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