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January 22, 2020

Sole Representative Visa Entry Clearance: Main Reasons of Visa Refusal

Sole Representative visa is complex immigration route set by UKVI in order to allow international entrepreneurs and senior employees apply for the visa and set up representative branch of the overseas company. Due to vast experience in uk immigration fiend we identified main reasons for this type of visa refusal and would like to address it below.

  1. Senior Employee is no engaged in operations and business activities of overseas company

Applicant must be qualified for the visa and fully involved in operations and business activities of overseas company in order to succeed with sole representative visa application. There are few cases where overseas employer had job interview specifically for the role of overseas representative and decided to employ candidate. It crucial provide full evidence why employer decided to employ the candidate, which personal and professional qualities candidate has, and experience. Guidelines of Sole Representative visa  of overseas business stated that applicant must be employed prior of submitting of visa application to the UKVI.

  1. Business Activities and Development of non-UK market

Overseas business must be involved in developing business activities and clients base in the UK, as prime purpose of the applicant establishes branch of overseas company in the UK and develop sales and operations of the brand in the UK.

  1. Not enough funds in company bank account

Overseas company must have enough funds (cashflow) to run day to day operations and has additional capital to open overseas branch or subsidiary in the UK. Capital must be prepared by shareholders in advance and allocated in company’s bank account, if shareholder inject his personal funds then they require to provide evidence of income earned.

  1. Poorly established overseas business – low turnover, no staff employed, loss making company

Overseas company must have established turnover, capital and operations locally in order to develop and set up business in the UK.


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