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December 5, 2019

Sole Representative Visa: Documents required from Parent Company

The Sole Representative visa of an Overseas Business, commonly known as “sole representative visa” category, is designed for well-established companies operating outside the United Kingdom, which intend to enter the British market. It allows owners, senior executives and managers of an overseas company to enter the UK with a mission to set up the company’s first UK office, branch, or subsidiary.

The prospective representative must own more than fifty percent of the business and the main business should remain outside the UK.  The UK business area should be in a similar area of business as the overseas business, and the overseas business outside the UK should in practice probably be much larger than the proposed UK business.

A successful application must see an extensive list of evidence produced by both applicant and company. In order to get your visa secured, expect to be able to produce a very strong and reliable bundle, demonstrating the company’s background and the representative’s role in their operation

A full description of the company’s activities, including details of the company’s assets and accounts and the company share distribution for the previous year must be of main attention, followed by letter which confirms the overseas company will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary or register a branch in the UK in the same business activity as the parent company;

The job description, salary and contract of employment for the applicant is also a very important point. Statement which confirms the condition of the applicant as their sole representative and company’s operations will remain centred overseas. Another point to bear in mind is providing a letter which confirms the applicant is fully familiar with the company’s activities and they have full powers to negotiate and take operational decisions without reference to the parent company;

English language certificate for the purpose of UK visa at a minimum level of A 1 must also be arranged for any prospective sole representative, followed by tuberculosis test if you come from one of listed countries (;

An applicant must also provide evidence that you can support yourself and any dependants during the leave. Money must be readily available in the applicant’s account enabling them to cover any expenses before the company’s branch is set up.

The Home Office will screen the financial documents for the company during the last 12 months. With that in mind, expect to be asked to provide bank statements, tax return and balance sheets and invoices for the previous year prior to the application date.


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