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A free European visa scheme used by Turkish citizens who want to work in the UK must be retained, a local MP said.

MP David Burrowes from Enfield Southgate has stated that Ankara Agreement has benefitted the UK greatly in the past and present and now there are calls on the British government to preserve it after they leave the EU.

“The challenges of wanting to be open, global, outward-facing economy means that you immediately look at those you have natural ties and relations with,” Mr Burrows said. He described Turkey as an obvious choice right after Germany as an importer of goods.

The European Community Association Agreement (or more commonly known as the Ankara Agreement) entitles Turkish nationals to bypass all domestic visa regulations and set up their own business in the UK.

The requirements are very generous when comparing them to the UK Immigration Law Points-based-system.

Thousands of Turkish passport holders have applied since the start in 2005. However, fears still grip the community that Brexit will cut ties to the Ankara Agreement and Turkish citizens will lose the ability to apply for the visa.

Recently, the Home Office has started to send out letters to applicants stating that the application decision will be reached within 6 months. This is normal as it is the legal requirement for the Home Office to finish cases within 6 months. However, this letter is delivered to applicants after a couple of months.

This can indicate that the Home Office may be delaying cases on purpose, which is similar to the letters some unsuccessful European applicants received some time ago, which told Europeans to go home.

At any rate, The Home Office currently has not posted any plans for the Ankara Agreement, only the government has given some ideas and it is mostly speculations. The Ankara Agreement should be approachable to applicants for a couple of more years. However, it would be in the best interest of any Turkish national thinking of applying for Ankara Agreement visas to apply sooner rather than later.

Judging from the plans they have for Europeans, it should not come as a surprise that a similar outcome will be presented which does not guarantee anything only offer an unconfirmed option.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the Ankara Agreement is not based in UK law but rather an agreement it is a well-known fact that Home Office caseworkers view these application with distain and undoubtfully try to cherry pick and postpone the application to cause stress and anxiety for their applicants.

Any potential applicant should seek legal counsel rather then apply by themselves especially in the present state the Home Office is.

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