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Spain Residency

Spain Residency by Investment program is a perfect choice for acquiring European Union Residency for the whole family. The program provides 4 investment options starting from €500,000 and does not require a mandatory stay, unless the permit holder applies for permanent residency and citizenship.

Spain is one of the most attractive business markets in Europe…

…and provides a set of competitive advantages. Few years ago, the economic growth in Spain stood at 2.6% and continue to grow yearly. The tourism sector, is one of the key pillars of the country’s growth.

Spain can be considered as one of the most competitive countries in the EU. It has more than 46 million inhabitants and represents one of the top economies in the EU. Foreign investors can benefit of full access to the larger European consumer market, as well as access various aid programs applicable in the EU.

To learn more about Spain Residency or to discuss your circumstances in a private consultation with our Advisers in London, Moscow or Hong Kong Office please Contact us at or call +44 207 993 63 46. We are specialised in offering Immigration by Investment Programs to high net worth individuals. Our Solution Advisers are regulated by IMC (Investment Migration Council)

Investment from €500,000
Permanent Residency and Citizenship in 10 years
Family members
Residency for the whole family
Processing time
Approval in 60 days

Program Benefits

With a minimum investment of €500,000, the Spanish residency program, grants applicant an initial 2-year residency permit that can be renewed every 5 years after the expiration and let's apply for citizenship after living in a country for 10 years. It is not required to live in Spain to maintain and renew Residency Permit, however permanent residency and citizenship route requires the applicant and applicant’s family to reside in Spain. Besides, the program lets travel to Schengen Zone for 90 days without a visa and work in Spain.


Visa-free travel to Schengen Zone countries


No mandatory stay for permit renewal


Possibility to work in Spain


2-year residency permit


Citizenship in 10 years


Investment from €500,000

Investment Options

Become a resident of Spain by choosing one of the following four qualifying investment options. The minimum investment period is 5 years.

1. Real Estate Investment €500,000
acquisition of property starting from €500,000
5 years
Minimum investment period
2. €1,000,000 Shares or Businesses
5 years
Minimum investment period
The applicant has to invest in shares of Spanish companies
3. €1,000,000 Bank Deposit
The applicant has to make a bank deposit account and transfer €1million to a Spanish bank account
Minimum 5 years investment period
4. €2,000,000 Government Bonds
€2 million
The applicant has to invest €2 million into government bonds
5 years
Minimum 5 years investment period

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