Sole Representative Visa: UK Visa route to obtain UK Passport in 6 years

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British passport by registration

Sole Representative Visa of Overseas Business is alternative immigration route for international entrepreneurs and overseas employees to set up branch of company in the UK.

Our clients always asking questions related to this visa and  we decided to publish an article about Sole Representative Visa and how to obtain British Passport.

  1. Who can I apply for the visa?

Applicant who is applying to be the sole representative in the UK of an overseas employer, who intends to establish and operate a registered branch or subsidiary of that overseas business in the UK. In order to qualify for this type of visa, applicant must be shareholder with no more than 50% of shares or senior employee in overseas company.

  1. Can my family join me in the UK?

Yes, applicant’s family can join them in the UK, however they must provide evidence that applicant can maintain and accommodate any dependants and financially support them in the UK.

  1. Do I need to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK?

Yes, you will be required to register private limited company in the UK. It is treated the same as any other company incorporated in the UK.

  1. Visa Extension?

In order to obtain extension of the visa after 3 years of staying in the UK, applicant must continue to be employed as a senior employee with full authority to take operational decisions in the UK private limited company. Its important to highlight that business still required for employee to be in the UK and provide services or sell products to clients. Overseas business still has its headquarters and principal place of business outside the UK.  Applicant must provide evidence of financial transactions and Annual Accounts of the subsidiary based in the UK.

  1. How I can obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)?

Applicant must spend a continuous period of 5 years in the UK as a representative of an overseas business. They required to provide evidence that they been employed throughout the whole period of staying on the visa and provide necessary documents such as P60, payslips and other relevant accounting paperwork to support their application. Applicant will provide knowledge of English language and life in the UK, unless they are exempt.

  1. How Can I get British Passport?

Indefinite leave to remain holders can apply for naturalisation one year after the grant of settlement and become British Citizens. The requirements for citizenship are as follows:

  • The applicant must have passed English Language and Life in the UK test;
  • The applicant must be of good character and not have breached any immigration rules in the UK;
  • The applicant must have spent no more than 450 days outside the UK in the 5 years before the application;
  • The applicant must have not spent more than 90 days outside the UK in the 12 months before the application.


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