Reasons to invest and locate business in the United Kingdom

Companies considering the country to base their enterprise usually can affect its chances of success. From the place, people to innovation, we looking for the first destination of invest and set up businesses. In terms of the financial hub in the globe, the UKTI claimed that only New York can comparable to London as the title of world’s leading financial centre. Both cities have the complete size and expertise of financial services sector, bank’s assets of London are the fourth largest compared with China, America and Japan.

People and Place

United Kingdom is positioned time zone 0 which easier for the businesses across the Asia, Europe and the USA. According to the latest data, here is also the gateway to Europe. The United Kingdom holding 40 percent of capital from the 250 companies’ European headquarters, the only viral city is Paris, however only hosts 8 percent. People also is a vital element of success, there are over 64 million people living in the UK and with an integration of multi-cultural capital, attracting and motivating talents from different regions within diverse approaches and fresh ideas, especially in London.

Entrepreneur Hub

Global Talent Competitiveness Index issued a new report which ranking the most talent attraction and international mobility countries. Switzerland ranked the first, Singapore in second followed by Luxembourg and the USA. United Kingdom ranked in number 7, while due to the big population, the UK’s population is equivalent to the total of the other top six countries apart America. Mobility is vital for the innovation and workforce. Highly skilled people are more attracted to the cities which with a high immigrant population. They considering multiple criteria, for example, the quality of life, business support, tax, etc. According to the data from National Statistics Office, over 580,000 businesses set up in the UK, and 88,580 of start-ups in London which means if weighted by resident population 95.6 per 10,000 people are setting up the businesses.

Legal Framework

British common law with international reputation due to its stability and consistency. The law protects and promotes equal opportunities for all investors which are the base of economic prosperity and social freedom. The policy gives foreign investors trust and confidence to choose Britain as their destination of investment.

There is no doubt, United Kingdom is leading financial centre that the entrepreneurs and investors first choice for investment. The government committed to establishing the most open, business-friendly country with the increasingly strong economy and stable framework around the world. Deciding where could success your investment, from the region, economic environment and government initiatives, London is the city that comes out on the top.


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