Real cases

Our client, a citizen Of Russia

Contacted us seeking advice in regards to her refusal. Our client was refused on the basis of her business plan as it did not convince the Entry Clearance Officer that she had a Genuine Intention of setting up a business in the UK. We have advised our client to revise the business plan and prepare additional documents to support her application as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur. After 26 days, our client received her visa and was able to travel to the UK and start her business.

Our client, a citizen Of Australia

We were approached by an Australian national who was currently holding a valid Tier 2 visa however, he wished to switch into Tier 1 Entrepreneur. Before coming to us our client has already made purchases for his future café. He was worried that he may not be able to satisfy the financial requirement of this visa as he was spending the relevant funds already. After looking at his expenses and his available documents. We have advised the client that we can persuade the Home Office that these purchases should be considered as prior investment made into the business and therefore, added together with the remaining funds, the financial requirement was satisfied. After a couple of months, our client has informed us that his visa application was successful.

Our client, a citizen Of Sudan

We were contacted by a citizen of Sudan who was interested into extending his Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and dependant visas for his family members. Our client was afraid to apply by himself as he did not understand the process of extending the visa or what he needed to prove to the Home Office. After the initial face-to-face consultation, we have looked over the documents regarding our client’s business. Our client’s biggest concern was regarding his employees as it was a small business and his current staff only consisted of part-timers and interns. We have advised our client that it is possible to prove to the Home Office that he fulfils the relevant criteria by “combining” the part-time workers. We explained in detail to our client how we would approach his case and how we will explain this to the Home Office. Since our client’s visa was expiring soon we advised him to book for Premium Service. After the appointment, we were informed by our client that his visa extension was successful.

Our client, a citizen Of China

We acted on behalf of a Chinese national who wished to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa in the UK. Our client was an experienced teacher who wished to come to the UK to open his own education consultancy. Our client struggled to obtain this visa on two separate occasions. After reviewing his documents, we noticed that there were some inaccuracies in his business plan and some documents were missing or were irrelevant to his application. We advised and directed our client on how to improve his business plan and what additional documents he will need for his re-application. After some time, we got an e-mail from our client, he informed us that his visa was approved.

Our clients, from two countries

We were approached by two clients from two different countries, a citizen from Nigeria and a citizen from South African Republic. These two gentlemen were interested in applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa as business partners. However, neither of them wished to go to the other’s country, obtain a visa and apply from the same place. We were also informed that the money they had were not theirs but a gift from their families, one of the clients also wished to bring his family with him. Following our clients’ instructions, we advised them that we can help them apply from different countries as business partners as long as we can provide evidence that the funds they had were indeed a gift from their families. After the relevant documents were collected we prepared an extensive cover letter explaining and supporting our clients’ documents and intentions. After 35 days, our clients’ applications were approved and they were able to come to the UK as Tier 1 Entrepreneurs.

Our client, from Thailand

We were contacted by a citizen of Thailand who wished to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Our client has informed us that she had a refusal for this visa 3 months prior to contacting us. The refusal letter showed that our client was refused due to being a director of a small shop at the time of the application. Our client has informed us that she sold her business since then but was unsure if she could still apply. After assessing our client’s documents, we advised her that she can still apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa provided we show evidence that the business is sold and she does not have any remaining connections to it. After 47 days, we were informed by the client that her visa was approved.

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