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Great Britain is a reasonably safe country to invest into property in. Due to the fact that the country is located on islands there is a severe lack of space and property prices are constantly rising. According to the National Housing Federation the property prices will increase up to 40% in the years to come.

Short-term investments in the property are not recommended. As quick capital profit within the first 12-18 months is rare in the property industry. Realistically, one should invest into property in order to receive long-term gains of 4-5 years. Whilst there are no real guarantees that profit will be made on property practice has shown that such investments are one of the safest. With appropriate professional assistance and advice such investments are valuable and profitable.

The money gained from renting residential property is usually enough to cover the amount of money borrowed to purchase the property, however great surpluses should not be expected. However, since the main aim is to increase the long-term purchase price of the property profit on renting should not be considered as the end goal. The rent will usually comprise of 8-15% of the purchase price of the property annually. Shorthold Assured Tenancy guarantees that the tenant will leave at the end of the rent period

Mann’s Solutions provides professional search and advice when selecting a property to invest in. We identify the most reasonable and convenient properties individually handpicked for each client. Our partners will also be able to negotiate the best possible prices and provide solicitor services for your convenience.

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