Open a UK bank account

Mann’s Solutions provides services of opening bank accounts both for individuals and corporate clients. With our strong relationships with banks in UK we are able to give the most accurate information on the documents required and the process as well as to give you advice on the process. We ensure that the needs of the clients and their preferences are considered when selecting banks and account types in order to provide the most effective and efficient service.

Depending on the type of bank account you are looking to open (investment, current account, private banking etc.) different banks will offer various services and in some cases accounts are not required to have a minimum account balance. Moreover, most major banks today offer well-equipped and user-friendly online and mobile banking services which allow clients to manage and access their accounts easily from any part of the world.

The procedures for opening a bank account in UK are very strict and therefore we advise to provide extensive information and documentation when applying to banks in order to ensure that the process goes rapidly and smoothly.

In regards to corporate bank accounts the choice of bank and the jurisdiction under which it operates will mainly depend on where the company was incorporated, controlled or managed or where most of the trade takes place.

Mann’s Solutions aids with corporate banking within UK and can offer an extensive range of banking service to private clients.

In order to ensure that the most convenient and effective type of bank account is chosen for the client a face-to-face meeting between the client and the banker should be organized. Whilst each type of bank account will require a specific list of documents the following list may be used as a core guideline:

  • ID (Passport)
  • Two documents that prove the residential address of the applicant
  • A letter from employer
  • Bank reference
  • Other documents that confirm the wealth of the applicant