September 25, 2020
sole representative visa

Sole Representative Visa: Entry Clearance Requirements

An individual who holds a senior position in an active trading company […]
September 23, 2020
tier 2 sponsorship licence

Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence: General Requirements

Any UK based company that wants to employ a non-EU or non-EEU […]
September 22, 2020
Turkish citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Investment via Bank Deposit $500k

Turkey has a Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program which grants qualifying applicants […]
September 21, 2020
investor visa

Tier 1 Investor Visa: Initial Visa Application and General Requirements

The Tier 1 Investor visa is aimed at high-net-worth, non-EEA individuals over […]
September 18, 2020
turkish businessperson visa

Turkish Businessperson Visa: Entry clearance requirements and evidence

The Ankara Agreement makes it possible for a Turkish national over the […]
September 17, 2020
innovator visa

UK Innovator Visa: Detailed Overview of Entry Clearance Visa Application

The UK government launched a new Innovator visa for overseas entrepreneurs at […]
September 16, 2020
BNO Visa

Hong Kong BNO Visa

The Hong Kong BNO visa is a UK immigration route for Hong […]
September 11, 2020
spouse Visa

Spouse Visa Entry Clearance: Requirements & Main Reasons for the Refusal

Our clients asking further questions in regards of applying for entry clearance […]
September 2, 2020
innovator visa

Innovator Visa: Evidence of Investment Funds

Our clients who is applying for an Innovator visa with a new […]
August 25, 2020
sole representative visa

Sole Representative visa: Extension of the Visa in the UK

Our clients who are living and working in the United Kingdom under […]
August 24, 2020
spouse Visa

Spouse Visa Entry Clearance: Requirements of Self-employment Sponsor

Once our clients are applying for spouse visa entry clearance or leave […]
August 21, 2020
turkish businessperson visa

Turkish Businessperson Visa: Overview of the Visa before Brexit

Turkish Businessperson Visa  ‘Ankara Agreement’ was part of the agreement which was […]
August 20, 2020
Tier 2 General Visa

Tier 2 General Visa: Main Requirements of the visa

There are several requirements applicant need to be careful of while making […]
August 20, 2020
sole representative visa

Sole Representative Visa: Genuineness Requirements

Our clients who applies for Sole Representative Visa from 4th June 2020 […]
August 13, 2020
innovator visa

Innovator Visa: Changes to Start Up and Innovator Visas

Since the introduction of the Start-Up and Innovator visa routes in April 2019, the […]
August 4, 2020
innovator visa

Innovator visa: Requirements of Endorsement Body

Innovator Visa category is for more experienced businesspeople seeking to establish a […]
June 8, 2020
BNO Visa

UK Government promises a Pathway to British Citizenship for 3 Million Hong Kong Residents

British Citizenship.  In respect of our historic and enduring relationship with Hong […]
May 23, 2020
Citizenship by Investment

USA E-2 Business Visa and Citizenship by Investment Programs

Many of our clients are asking about relocation to USA, however not […]
May 22, 2020
uk visa

UK Visa Update: If you are currently staying in the UK and cannot return to your home country, then your visa will be extended to 31 July 2020

If applicant is in the UK and their leave expires between 24 […]
May 21, 2020
innovator visa

Innovator Visa UK: Main eligibility requirements for Settlement/ILR

Applicant will need to satisfy UK Visas & Immigration that in order […]

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