Overview of the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program
Montenegro Citizenship By Investment program was launched on 3rd October 2019 and limited to only 2,000 applications, its offer one of the fastest routes to acquiring an alternative citizenship for investors and their family, in exchange for minimum real estate investment from €350,000 of the total capital amount required. Montenegro is a member of NATO and is also an official candidate for future expansion of the EU. Coupled with fast application processing time, it is the most affordable route to obtaining a European passport, providing its holder with visa-free access to 122 countries in just 3 months.

Benefits of the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program
• Second passport within 90 days through accelerated application process
• Alternative EU citizenship from just from €350,000, including spouse, children, adult dependants over 18 years old
• Visa free to 122 countries worldwide and Free movement in Europe’s Schengen Area, (26 EU states), Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia
• Montenegro has one of the lowest personal income tax rates in the world, fixed at just 9-11%
• Cyprus allows for dual citizenship, no language requirements, no previous education or management experience requirements, no military service requirement
• The Montenegro-USA, E-2 Treaty, enables citizens to both set up a business in the USA and to reside therein

Options in Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

International investors are required to make a government contribution of €100,000 to a special fund for the advancement of underdeveloped areas, and to invest in government approved real estate projects in the country to the minimum value of €250,000. Total capital requirements must equate to €350,000 when buying property in an undeveloped region, and to €550,000 in a developed region of Montenegro.

1. Investment from €350,000

• €100,000 – non-refundable contribution in the form of a government fund donation
• €250,000 – real estate investment in an undeveloped region (northern and central regions of Montenegro, excluding Podgorica)

2. Investment from €550,000

• €100,000 – non-refundable contribution in the form of a government fund donation
• €450,000 – real estate investment in a developed region (South of Montenegro, capital of Podgorica and the coastal regions)

How Mann’s work

Mann’s focus is to provide a professional and accurate service assisting applicants with a residency application.

1. Conversation with Our Immigration Lawyer

Our aim with this session is to make your case optimally strong, show all your strong points as a professional and future business owner.

2. Receiving legal agreement from us

We will send you our Customer Care Letter (CCL) which states all legal information about how we work as an Immigration Law Firm.

3. Visit Montenegro to view properties and Sign a contract of sale

We are here to guide you through the purchasing process of Montenegro Citizenship by investment options, providing impartial advice for the benefit of our clients. We engage with qualified independent lawyers who can assist you in your purchase and ensure that your property acquisition will be handled correctly.

4. Working on your case and submit Montenegro citizenship by Investment application

We will send you a ’tailored’ list of documents which you need to provide for your application, our lawyer will consult you and fully assist on arranging all documents, prepare case strategy and your application form. Preparation time is 1 month.
Once all your original documents are collected and sent to us, citizenship specialists will review your file and prepare it for submission. The complete file will be submitted to the Government Authorities via an authorised local agent, as required by law.

5. Receive your Montenegro Citizenship by Investment application approval

An applicant will be issued with the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment certificate after 3 months of decision making by Government Authorities. Once the application is reviewed and approval is granted, amounts in escrow accounts will be released.

6. Montenegro Passport Collection

After citizenship has been granted to the main applicant and his/her family members can travel to Montenegro for collection of it or alternatively we can deliver it to the client in the most secured way.