Fantastic UK businesses built by Immigrant entrepreneurs



Many successful UK start-up founders come to UK from around the world and  inspiring immigrants helping the UK economy to thrive.

A 2016 study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) found that immigrants are three times as much more likely to be entrepreneurial than people born and brought up in the UK. The report found that immigrants in the UK showed the highest levels of “Total Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity”.

What’s more, new analysis from Zirra reports that, of the UK’s top 10 unicorn (valued at $1bn or more) businesses such as Shazam and Funding Circle, in nine out of the 10 businesses there is at least one immigrant or a child born to first-generation immigrants in the founding team.

Studies and analysis aside,’s own coverage demonstrated that there are a big number of incredibly inspiring immigrants who have come to the UK to set up and develope businesses which have driven economic growth and supported job creation.

In previous years, we’ve tracked the success of business moguls like London’s deputy mayor Rajesh Agrawal, the Indian immigrant who founded £1.3bn foreign exchange company RationalFX back in 2005, alongside Australian-born Alicia Navarro and her international multi-million pound affiliate marketing agency Skimlinks.



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