European Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence Application for EEA Nationals in the UK

We assist European nationals to secure permanent residence documents in the UK. There are various ways how European nationals can claim permanent residence in the UK, usually after at least 5 years of residence and we will outline some of the most common routes below:

If You Are Employed/Self-Employed in The UK:
1. The EEA National has been employed/self-employed in the UK for five years. The applicant will be required to show that they have not had breaks in employment of 3 months or more.

If You Were a Student in The UK:
2. The EEA national has been studying in the UK, had their own financial means to support themselves in the UK and has held comprehensive medical insurance during the period of these studies.

If You Were Self-Sufficient in The UK:
3. The EEA national resided in the UK and had sufficient funds to support themselves without access to work/self-employment in the UK and held comprehensive medical insurance during this period of residence.

If You Retired Whilst Living in The UK:
4. The EEA national must have resided in the UK for at least three years prior to their retirement, have been employed or self-employed for at least 12 months in the UK and have retired either upon reaching the age of entitlement for state pension or took a formal early retirement.

If You Became Permanently Incapable to Work in The UK:
5. The EEA national must have resided in the UK for at least two years before terminating their activity in the UK as a worker or self-employed person due to incapacity or if the incapacity was the result of an accident at work or an occupational disease, which entitles the person to a pension payable by the UK.

The applicant’s satisfying any of the above requirements or a combination of the above requirements over a continuous period of 5 years (except for options 4 and 5) will be able to secure permanent residence in the UK, upon providing evidence of their residence and relevant activities in the UK.

Permanent Residence or EEA Family Members in the UK
Family members of EEA nationals satisfying the above requirements will also be able to settle in the UK together with their EEA family member if:
✓ The family member has been residing in the UK for 5 years with the EEA national; and
✓ The family member has no adverse personal, criminal or immigration history in the UK.
Family members of EEA nationals can also secure their temporary or permanent residence in the UK, if:

If Your Relationship Has Broken Down:
1. If you have been married to an EEA national for at least three years and you have resided in the UK together for at least one year until your relationship has broken down. You will also be required to show that your EEA family member was a qualified national in the UK or had permanent residence and that you are either a worker, a self-employed or a self-sufficient person in the UK. 2. If you have been married to an EEA national with a right of permanent residence in the UK and either you or your former partner have custody of your child in the UK. 3. If your marriage has broken down as a result of domestic violence in the UK.

Application Process
We will assist you with establishing how you can qualify for permanent residence card in the UK and provide our clients will full support in the preparation of the file for submission to the Home Office. The Home Office can take up to 6 months to review applications for permanent residence cards, although often these are decided quicker.

After securing permanent residence card in the UK EEA nationals and their family members may become eligible to apply for Naturalisation and become British Citizens immediately or within the next 12 months. Click here to find out more about Naturalisation process and requirements.
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