EEA Family Permit (Family Member)

The freedom of movement allows European nationals to move freely within the European Union. Those who leave their home country and enter one of the Member States to work, live and/or study is exercising his/her treaty rights.

This is a crucial requirement for European who wish to invite their family members to the UK.

Upon successful application, a family member will be given a 6 months visa. Furthermore, after those initial 6 months a family member can apply for an EEA Residence card which will grant them a 5-year visa.

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EEA FP (Family Permit)

This type of visa is for those family members who are related to a European (or a European's spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner). In other words you must be:

Other ways you can apply for this type of visa are:

To qualify as a family member you must be:

All other type of family members (including unmarried partners) are considered to be extended family members. However, they can still apply, it will just require additional documentation.


For this type of visa you will have to provide:

You will have to prove that your European family member has a Permanent Right of Residence, has a Qualified Person certificate or is one of the following if they have been in the UK for more than 3 months:

If the European family member is a student or self-sufficient he or she must have comprehensive sickness insurance.

IUpon receiving this visa it will grant entry clearance for 6 months and will provide a temporary right to live, study and work in the UK. Nearing the end of the visa. The family member can apply for a Family member visa (or an extended family member visa depending on who they are).

Frequently asked questions - EEA FP (Family Permit)

How long can I stay with this visa?

You can stay up to 6 months with this type of visa. After which you can apply for a Family member visa.

What kind of document will I have to show?

You will need to prove you are a family member of a European national and any support you receive (financial & emotional).

Who can come under this visa?

Under this visa any family member of the European national or his/her spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner can apply.

Where do I need to apply?

The application is online and after filling it in the applicant(s) will need to go to the visa appointment at the scheduled time.

Can I apply if my partner is British?

Yes, as long as your partner has worked in Europe before for at least a year and has proof of his time in a member state.

What can I do with this visa?

You can work, study and live in the UK for 6 months.

Am I allowed to leave the UK?

Yes during the 6 months you can comeback and leave the UK.

Do I need to show any savings or English language capabilities?

No, under European Union Law you do not need to prove this.

What are you getting?

Family Permit (FP) a temporary right to work, live and study in the UK

Extension possibility to apply for a Residence card after those 6 months


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