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About Mann’s Solutions

Here at Mann’s Solutions we specialize in multiple types of visas depending on our clients’ needs. We understand that depending on our clients’ circumstances he or she will require a different approach.

Whether it is an entrepreneur that wishes to start anew in the UK, a worker who wants a fresh start, a student who is hungry for knowledge or a visitor that wants to tour the UK or see his/her family members again we can help.

Our services do not end with the above mentioned examples, we do our utmost best to tailor a visa that is best suited to you, the client.

Mann’s Solutions also assists UK employers and recruiters who wish to employ overseas staff as well as individuals and their families wishing to live and work here in the UK. We are a customer focused business and visa service and we possess an honest attitude. Our aim is to make sure you successfully achieve your immigration status goal, whether it is a work or a study visa. Or, if there is a particularly strong case, secure a UK citizenship for you, your spouse or family.


A consultant is here to provide all the advice and guidance you need +44 (0) 207 99 36 346


Mann’s Solutions is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) Nº F201501006.