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March 27, 2020

EEA Family Permit: Who is eligible for visa as my “family member” and “extended family member”

Our clients whose family members would like to join them in the UK asking specific questions and requirements in order to qualify for EEA Family Permit and EEA Extended Family Member. This document issued to non-EEA nationals living outside the European Union who would like to travel to the UK with an EEA national family member or join an EEA national family member in the UK.

Main eligibility requirements for an EEA Family Permit

  • Applicant is citizen of a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Applicant’s family member is an EEA national (but normally not British)
  • Applicant is related to the EEA national in one of the following ways:


  • Applicant is the family member of the EEA national such as their husband, wife, civil or unmarried partner, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild; or
  • Applicant is an extended family member of the EEA national, for example their unmarried partner in a durable relationship, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.; or
  • Applicant is the main carer of a British citizen or a child who is an EEA national;


  • Applicant’s EEA national family member is travelling with you to the UK; or
  • Applicant’s family member is in the UK and, if they have lived in the UK for more than three months, is exercising Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person, student, self-sufficient person, or as a jobseeker.

Who can qualify to be “family member”:

  • spouse or civil partner of an EEA national
  • direct descendants of the EEA national, or of their spouse or civil partner, who are either:


  • under the age of 21
  • dependent upon the EEA national or their spouse or civil partner


  • dependent direct relatives in the ascending line of the EEA national or their spouse or civil partner

Who can qualify to be “extended family member”:

  • brothers
  • sisters
  • aunts
  • uncles
  • cousins
  • nieces
  • nephews

An EEA Family Permit is valid for six months. EEA Family Permit holders are free to leave and enter the UK as many times as they wish within that six-month period. There is no fee payable to apply for an EEA Family Permit and the application will be given priority by UK Visas & Immigration.


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