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Grenada Citizenship

Grenada Citizenship by Investment program is a fast-track and secure citizenship program. The only Caribbean program that allows settling in the USA, the Grenada Citizenship by investment program lets obtain a second passport within 3-4 months and grants visa-free access to over 143 countries worldwide. The program offers two investment options, a $150,000 government donation or a property investment from $220,000.

Grenada is one of the most beautiful…

…and lush islands of the West Indies. Located near the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth and is the only Caribbean program that offers the possibility to relocate to the USA and visa-free access to China. Most of the Citizenship by Investment programs, including the Grenada Citizenship Program, offers an exciting opportunity to invest in real estate in return for citizenship. The Real estate investment in Grenada should be done into a government-approved project (it can be either the luxury 5-star hotel or villa), just like in other countries in the Caribbean.

The Government of Grenada updated the programme in 2013, the rules now allow for one of two investment options 一 a non-refundable contribution to the National Development Fund or an investment in real estate. By choosing the second option, the investment can be repaid after 5 years, which is more attractive to most investors.

To learn more about Grenada Program or to discuss your circumstances in a private consultation with our Advisers in London, Moscow or Hong Kong Office please Contact us at or call +44 207 993 63 46. We are specialised in offering Immigration by Investment Programs to high net worth individuals. Our Solution Advisers are regulated by IMC (Investment Migration Council)

Minimum investment from $150,000
Family members
Citizenship for the whole family
Live and work
Right to live and work in Grenada
Processing time
Citizenship within 3-4 months

Program Benefits

Grenada Citizenship Program lets obtain a second passport in just 3-4 months. There are no residence requirements therefore the passport can be easily obtained remotely. Grenada allows dual citizenship, moreover, it is transferable to descendants and the whole family can apply for citizenship, including children up to 30, siblings, and parents. Grenada's tax regime claims no tax on income, wealth, and inheritance. In addition to that, the USA E-2 Visa can be obtained through Grenadian Passport.


No residence requirements


Investment period 5 years


Confidential application process


Opens Route to the USA through E-2 Visa


No tax on income, wealth, or inheritance


Dual citizenship allowed

Investment Options

Grenada Citizenship by investment is available through two options. To qualify for the program, you can either make a government donation of $150,000 or invest in real estate on the island starting from $220,000.

1. $150,000 - Non-refundable donation to the government fund
Contribution to the NTF (National Transformation Fund) is non-refundable. The donation amount may vary based on the number of dependents included in the main applicant’s application. To qualify for citizenship as a single applicant, you will be required to make a government donation of $150,000, $200,000 for a family of 2, 3, and 4.
2. $220,000 - $350,000 Real Estate Investment
$220,000 - $350,000
Real Estate option should be approved by the government. The property can be sold in 5 years.

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