Investment in the UK after the Brexit vote


Global venture capital firms have already made dozens of new investments in UK’s start-up companies in recent weeks, despite UK’s decision to leave the European Union

New data collected recently by investment database Pitchbook for London & Partners, the promotional


Foreign investors “sweeping up” properties in London


Asian investors are continuing to “sweep up” London’s commercial property by taking advantage of the sterling’s weakness and looking beyond mounting economic uncertainties

Undeterred Asian firms have now spent more than £4bn on property in the capital in the first

European flag with one star off

Theresa May Begins Brexit Negotiations with Brussels


Theresa May made what she calls a “fair and serious offer” to the EU leaders over the contentious issue of the future rights of EU citizens May has offered for those who have arrived lawfully before Brexit the chance

Brexit advice for Europeans

What you should know about European visas after Article 50

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has so far not changed her mind in regards to the plans of triggering Article 50 before the end of March 2017 If this