Deprivation of British citizen


In a recent case of Sleiman [2017] UKUT 367 (IAC), the tribunal has considered the question of how directly causative past deceptions can impact the grant of British Citizenship in order for a person to be deprived of that


Long residency and the “integration test”


Practitioners commonly rely on the “integration test” in the Immigration Rules to resist an individual’s removal on human rights grounds The current laws and rules can in some situations require that a consideration of whether there would be very

New Leaked Plan for Europeans after Brexit


A leaked plan has surfaced recently regarding the treatment of Europeans after Brexit This plan suggest that the government would not necessarily takes a “soft” or “hard” Brexit approach but would rather confront it with an equivalent of driving


When can an EU national be deported?


In cases where an EU national commits a crime in the UK and is sentenced to a term in jail, they will most likely be subjected to deportation proceedings

However, there are security measures for EU nationals (and British citizens