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December 30, 2019

Ankara Agreement Visa: How to obtain this visa successfully

The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) permits Turkish nationals to establish themselves as a worker or in a business in the UK and apply for Ankara Agreement Visa. It also allows them to attain residency rights in the UK. The old 1973 provisions apply to all ECAA applications, making the application process more flexible. However, an applicant is prevented from benefiting from the ECAA if it is discovered that they are in breach of UK immigration laws. In such circumstances, the applicant will be subjected to the points-based system that is currently operated.

As per provisions of Ankara agreement visa category, no previous experience in a running business is required. Nonetheless, a successful applicant must demonstrate that they have the skills and ability necessary to set up the business proposed, the funds required to set up and run the business proposed and Have the capacity to make enough profit to support themselves without the need for additional employment that would require a work permit.

In some occasions, applicants are able to meet the minimum requirements on the business proposal but lacks experience in a running business. In such scenarios, applicants are expected to show to the Home Office by way of documentary evidence that they possess skills and ability necessary to set up the proposed business.

In order to qualify for a Turkish Businessperson visa under the Turkish EC Association Agreement, an applicant must satisfy the Home Office that they are a Turkish national and:

  1. Possess a genuine intention to set up a viable business;
  2. Devote sufficient funds or assets of their own to establish your business;
  3. Will be able to pay their share of the costs of running the business;
  4. The part in the business will not amount to disguised employment;
  5. The share of the profits will be enough to support themselves and any family without the need to have another job or rely on public funds;
  6. Have not remained in the UK in breach of UK immigration laws

In case an applicant wishes to join an existing partnership or company they will also need to show that they will have an active part in running the business and there is a genuine need for their services and investment.

The exact requirements you will need to satisfy will vary depending on your circumstances.  You may want to speak to an immigration lawyer for expert advice.

Although there is no formal requirement in the 1973 business rules for applicants to provide a business plan, not including this document may undermine the credibility of the business proposed.

A business plan should usually set out:

  1. A summary of the business proposal;
  2. An outline of the marketing and sales strategy;
  3. A timetable for establishment;
  4. The financial forecasts for the business over the first 12 months of trading;

If the applicant is joining an existing business they should provide:

  1. Business accounts (preferably audited) for previous years;
  2. A statement of the terms on which they are joining the business;
  3. Evidence they will be actively concerned with the running of the business;
  4. Evidence that there is a genuine need for their services and investment


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