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December 18, 2020

American Investors among the top Applicants for Portugal’s Golden Visa

American Investors are among the top Applicants for Portugal’s Golden Visa in 2020. At the end of November 2020, the golden visa investment amounted to 619 million euros. The top five applicant groups this month were Chinese (22), Americans (12), Brazilians (9), South Africans (5), and Indians (4). Only this November investments amounted 50 million euros, which is a 74% increase comparing to October, however a 35% decrease compared to November 2019.

The growing interest in investment immigration is one of the trends among American millionaires, who probably feel that their mobility can be improved.

This ongoing presence in the top 5 most likely will result in Americans being included in the annual top 5 when the SEF releases its full-year 2020 figures at the end of 2020.

Advantages of Portuguese Golden Visa and residence permit:

  • Visa-free Travel within Schengen Zone – visa-free access to 26 EU states, including Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy and Germany, for 90 days within any six-month period
  • Minimum Stay Requirements 7 days during the 1st year & 14 days during each subsequent 2yrs of residence & obtaining citizenship after completing the 5th year, Portugal allows dual citizenship
  • Estimated government approval in 90 days for the whole family including spouse, dependent children and parents
  • Option to secure potential property returns and structure tax regime for non-habitual residents

Investment Options:

Become a permanent resident of Portugal by choosing one of the following three qualifying investments below with requirements of maintaining the investment for a minimum of 5 years from the date the residence permit is granted:

  1. Property Acquisition From €280,000

✓ €500,000 – purchase residential or commercial real estate

(€400,000 – reduced rate of 20% applied when purchasing a real estate located in low GDP or low populated density areas).

✓ €350,000 – purchase residential or commercial real estate over 30 years old requiring renovation.

(€280,000 – reduced rate of 20% applied when purchasing a real estate located in low GDP or low populated density)

  1. Creation of 10 Jobs or Business Investment

✓ Create a minimum of 10 new jobs


✓ Invest a minimum of €350,000 in business and create a minimum of 5 permanent jobs

  1. Capital Transfer From €1,000,000

Applicants are required to make a capital investment into specifically approved investment options or Portuguese bank account.


Full Support with our Immigration Advisers & Property Consultants:

Property search based on your requirements (from residential properties to high-value luxury developments)

  • Property virtual tours, 3-D tours and in-person tours available.
  • Due diligence checks and additional property checks completed by our experts.
  • Residency & Citizenship document preparation and submission.
  • Full support from until you receive your second passport & residency.

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