Mann’s Solutions is group of companies specialising in UK immigration Law, corporate immigration, international tax planning and accounting services.
Mann’s Solutions was established in 2015 with a vision to provide exceptional services to international clients by an experienced team of professionals, who are leaders in their industries. Our consultants have more than 10 years of tremendous experience and they share my vision of the company too.
At Mann’s Solutions, we provide a distinctive alternative to traditional city firms. Our roots come from a non-traditional background of Banking sector allowing the firm to approach tasks differently from other organisations. This, combined, with the global resources we have at our disposal allows us to act quickly and flexibly to any situation.
We are currently expanding swiftly as an international organisation with offices in Marylebone, Central London and St Petersburg, Russia and have further strategic plans to set up branches in Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions.

Evgeny Pavlov
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman


Our consultants has extensive experience in UK immigration, international accounting, property and financial consulting. Our experienced team of legal advisers and other professionals conducted with absolute discretion and full integrity towards each client individually.

I have obtained Ankara Agreement Visa massive thanks to Manns. I need to tell that I have been extremely for their help and support about everything. It took me 4 months to get results by applyıng ın the UK. All thanks to Mr Evgeny, Director of Manns and Mrs Shazia who dealt with my case, I have established my own company in the UK which has been by dream forever and I am so enthusiastic and lucky being able to work on my own job in the UK. I full-heartedly say that Manns has made one of my biggest dreams come true. Highly recommended.

Beren Akyürek

Thank Mann's Solutions team for helping me in fulfilling my dream of getting UK Visa(PR). Mann's Solutions Case officer had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process. Their expertise and experience have always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the final stages of visa have just completed. I would like to say that they are the best for UK immigration with very high success rate. Special thanks to My Case officer Shazia & Evgeny.

Sajan Singh