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June 25, 2021

5 Top-Rated Places in Antigua and Barbuda

Before investing in Caribbean Passport, most of our clients prefer to learn more about the island and visit the country of their future citizenship. To make your trip more convenient, Mann’s Solutions team of immigration experts prepared a list of 5 Top-Rated Places in Antigua and Barbuda.

Like many other former British colonies in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda offer some of the most incredible beaches and chic resorts in the world. From the colorful capital of St. John’s, with museums, shopping, and historic buildings to tranquility and beautiful natural sites, Antigua and Barbuda offer something for each visitor. 

Stingray City

Stingray City is located on the island’s east coast and you can easily get there by taking a five-minute speedboat ride. The place can be called a shallow pool with a tropical reef, where you can find more than a hundred friendly stingrays, which are waiting to be fed by the visitors. This incredible experience lets stand, swim, or snorkel with stingrays and explore the coral reefs.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is fringed by one of the best Eastern Caribbean beaches. Protected by a reef, Half Moon Bay offers fine white sand, azure sea, and one of the best snorkeling areas on calm days. There are small restaurants that serve tropical snacks just off the beach and you can easily rent chairs for sunbathing.

St. John’s, Antigua

St. John’s is the capital city and central cruise ship port of Antigua and Barbuda. The place is home to candy-hued colonial cottages and tropical fruit and flower markets. Mann’s Solutions team suggests visiting neo-Baroque towers of St. John’s Cathedral that are considered to be the city’s most distinctive buildings, small Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, and stroll around Betty’s Hope, the 17th-century ruins of the largest sugar plantation on the island. 

17 Mile Beach, Barbuda

17 Mile Beach is for those who would like to see a stunning stretch of pink sands that separate the famous Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea. Strolling along these shores is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbuda. The beach can be accessed easily by boat or by helicopter. Besides, the tourist tours usually include a delicious tropical lunch on the beach.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, Antigua

We suggest visiting Nelson’s Dockyard National Park which is located in English Harbor. The national park is a true hot spot for tourists and is packed with multiple attractions. Besides the park is famous because of the only continuously operating former 18th-century British Naval Dockyard, which was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage. Our recommendation is to stroll around the old buildings, restaurants, shops, and galleries in the area.

About Antigua and Barbuda Program

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment program offer one of the most affordable and quick routes to acquiring a second passport. The program grants applicant and applicant family visa-free access to over 140 countries worldwide in only of 3-4 months and offers two investment options, a $100,000 government donation or a property investment from $200,000.

Antigua and Barbuda is known for its tropical forests,lush climate and inviting lifestyle. Tourism generates around 60% of the island’s income. The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program offers an excellent solution for families willing to travel across key Asian financial centres, Europe and UK.  It is important to mention, that one of the main advantages of Antigua and Barbuda Tax System is that inheritance, global income, wealth, and gifts are not taxable.

The Antigua and Barbuda programme has lucrative investment options. The programme offers investors a stake in tourism infrastructure, most commonly hotels. On the plus side, the property can be rented out and earn an income of 2-5%. Also, after 5 years, the property can be sold at a profit.

Program Benefits

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program let obtain a second passport in just 3-4 months. The passport can be easily obtained remotely, as there are no residence requirements, moreover, the whole family can apply for citizenship, including children up to 30, siblings, parents, and grandparents of the applicant. Antigua and Barbuda’s tax regime claims no tax on income, wealth, inheritance, and investment is required only after the citizenship application approval.

Investment Options

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment are available through two options. To qualify for the program, you can either make a government donation of $100,000 or invest in real estate on the island starting from $200,000.

  1. $100,000 – Non-refundable donation to the government fund


Contribution to the Antigua National Development Fund is non-refundable. The government donation of $100,000 covers 4 family members, however, the same amount is required if an investor applies alone.

  1. $200,000 – $400,000 Real Estate Investment

200,000 – $400,000

Real Estate option should be approved by the Government. The property can be sold in 5 years


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Photo by Rick Jamison on Unsplash