Турецкая Рабочая Виза

Turkish Worker Visa

Apply for Ankara Agreement (Turkish Worker Visa)
A Turkish national who is legally employed in the United Kingdom is also allowed to apply for a visa extension to prolong his/her stay. To be able to qualify for this category the individual in question has to have had a valid visa (e.g. Tier 1, Tier 2 or any other similar visa) that gave them permission to work in the UK legally (they must also have worked for the same employer).
Furthermore, if the application is successful, leave to remain will be granted in the UK as a Turkish ECAA (European Community Association Agreement) worker.

• ECAA visa has an important requirement which states an extension for this visa, 12 months of previous employment in the UK must be proven. Furthermore, students who have the ability to work for 20 hours a week can also switch to this visa and if it can be proven that 12 of employment have been logged. Lastly, a spouse of a British Citizen can also apply for this visa if no restrictions exist in regard to work.

Turkish Worker Visa Extension
The Ankara Agreement allows extensions for a Turkish Worker visa. Moreover, the extension will depend on the amount of months and years spent working.
• Working from 1 to 3 years will grant an extension up to 2 years. However, no changes to current employment allowed.
• Working from 2 to 3 years will grant an extension for 1 years. Howbeit, work will be restricted to the same occupation.
• Working for 4 years and up will grant an extension up to 3 years. Furthermore, no restrictions to work will be present.