Британское гражданство (Naturalisation)

British Citizenship

• Naturalisation (Become a Citizen of UK)
• British citizenship ceremony

Apply for a British passport

European and non-European migrants can naturalise as British citizens. Generally, naturalisation as a British citizen is only possible after obtaining either Permanent Residence (for EEA nationals) or ILR and only after 12 months from the issue date of the residence document. Furthermore, a successful application will present the applicant with an invitation to obtain a British passport.

Naturalisation (Become a British Citizen)
During your stay in the UK you can choose to naturalise as a British citizenship, moreover you have a couple of options to choose from.
You can apply via Naturalisation if:
• The applicant must be over 18
• Must be of ‘good character’
• You will continue to live in the UK
• The necessary tests to prove knowledge of life in the UK and English language skills have been past
• You have met the residency requirement

You also must have:
• Lived in the UK for the required period of at least 5 years (settlement)
• Spent no more than 450 days outside the UK
• Spent no more than 90 days outside the UK per year.
• Had permanent residence status for the last 12 months if you are a citizen of an EEA country (for those outside the UK different conditions may apply)
• Not broken any immigration laws in the UK

You cannot include any time spent in the UK when you are exempt from immigration control as part of the 5 years. Additionally, children under 18 will require their parents or legal guardians to apply on behalf of him/ her. They will not need to pass the Life in the UK Test
If you are married to a British citizen, or the civil partner of a British citizen, applying for citizenship if:

• The applicant must be over 18
• Must be of ‘good character’
• The necessary tests to prove knowledge of life in the UK and English language skills have been past
• The person must hold Indefinite Leave to Remain or EEA Permanent Residence documentation
• You meet the residency requirement

British citizenship ceremony
After your application you will be invited to book a place at a citizenship ceremony as long as the application is successful and you are over 18. Furthermore, you will be allowed to take 2 guests with you. Also, ceremonies are organised by your local council and are done in groups.
During the ceremony you will have to make an oath of allegiance (or you can make an affirmation If you prefer not to swear by God) and a pledge. This means you will promise to uphold and respect the rights, freedoms and laws of the UK.
After the ceremony you must immediately send your BRP card back to the Home Office. Finally, after you receive your passport you will be no longer under control of UK immigration laws and you will be able to freely travel to and from the UK.
Before applying for Naturalisation an application must be made for Settlement (ILR) or EEA (PR) Permanent Residence.
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