Malta Residency

Malta Residency program is a perfect fast-track choice for acquiring EU residency for the whole family. The program offers permanent residency in 3-4 months and lets the applicant and his family travel without a visa throughout Schengen Zone countries. The investment options start from €330,000.

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  • Minimum investment €330,000
  • Permanent Residency in 3-4 months
  • EU Residency for the whole family
  • 5-year residency permit

Program Benefits

Malta residency by investment grants the applicant a 5-year residency permit that can be renewed indefinitely after this period if the applicant maintains a Maltese address. The Program does not require residence before or after the residence permit has been granted and lets investor and investor family travel without a visa to Schengen Zone countries. Moreover, Malta Residency Program grants the whole family access to high-standard education and an easy application process for obtaining a work permit.



Visa-free travel to Schengen Zone countries

EU Permanent Residency in 3-4 months

Easy application for a work permit

Residence is not required

High standard educational system

5-year residency permit

Investment Options

To become a permanent resident of Malta and the EU, an applicant has to complete a complex investment. A minimum of €250,000 is required from international investors to be invested in Maltese stocks and shares. Moreover, a €30,000 non-refundable contribution has to be paid. The applicant is also required to purchase or rent a property on the island and make sure that everyone in the application is covered by the European Health Insurance Policy.

1. A minimum of €250,000 investment in Maltese stocks and shares AND

2. €30,000 non-refundable contribution AND

3. Property acquisition €50,000 - €320,000

  • €320,000 property purchase that can be sold after 5 year period or
  • Property lease of €12,000 per years for 5 years AND

4. €1,500 - €2,000 European Health Insurance payment

  • Valid medical insurance with €30,000 coverage
  • The annual cost of insurance can range from €300 - €400 per person

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