Highlights of International Citizen 2018 – Istanbul

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Highlights of International Citizen 2018 – Istanbul
Highlights of "International Citizen" Seminar hosted in Istanbul on March 10th-11th 2018

We were delighted to host and lead a highly successful ‘International Citizen 2018’ Seminar in Istanbul, where we managed to meet and consult more than 30 attendees and new clients in the Radisson Blu Hotel on March 10th-11th 2018.

It was a private event for admitted international entrepreneurs and their families from Turkey, who interested in opportunities for business and investments in the United Kingdom and other countries around the world.

The Seminar, on the challenges and intricacies of immigration and investment dynamics in modern Turkey was facilitated by a number of our high-profile experts including Chris Gaunt, who is a Chairman in British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey and member of board in Süzer Group (one of the leading Investment groups in Turkey); Mann’s Solutions CEO & Chairman Evgeny Pavlov and Senior Immigration Adviser Shazia Ershad.

The main topics of Seminar included:
  • I. Ankara Agreement Visa and further actions for development of your business;
  • II. Immigration by Investment in different countries;
  • III. The possible alternatives of Ankara Agreement Visa: Sole-Representative, Entrepreneur and Investors’ visas in the United Kingdom;
  • IV. Mann’s Solutions Financial services: accounting services, opening bank accounts and international transfers of funds for private individuals and companies.
The CEO and Chairman of Mann’s Solutions Evgeny Pavlov has as well announced further plans for the company:

We are all extremely proud and delighted to work with our Turkish clients and associates as from the beginning Turkey has always been one of our priority market and direction for business development.
Later this year Mann’s Solutions is planning:

  • 1. To open a new branch in Istanbul;
  • 2. Strengthen the relations with the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey;
  • 3. And we will announce a new date for another Seminar in Turkey later this Spring, where we will discuss in more details all the alternatives for Ankara Agreement Visa, advanced Financial Services of our company and more.

We truly believe in broad and productive relationship and collaboration with our clients and partners in Turkey.