Ankara Agreement Visa (ECAA) – Settlement (ILR) Cancelation

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Ankara Agreement Visa (ECAA) – Settlement (ILR) Cancelation
BREAKING NEWS: Ankara Agreement Visa (ECAA) – Settlement (ILR) Cancelation. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY
What are CHANGES about ?

The Home Office have announced that applications under Turkish business person for settlement or Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) will continue to be considered and processed up to this date of 16th March 2018 (Today) only. From today (16/03/18) Turkish business persons (ECAA) will not be able to apply for settlement (ILR) anymore.

Who is affected by these CHANGES ?

Every Turkish Business Person (ECAA) who has been living for up to 4 years in the UK and willing to apply for settlement (ILR) effected immediately.

However for those who would like to stay after this date in the UK and carry on under the Ankara Agreement Visa will only be able to apply for extensions of up to 3 more years at a time, provided they continue to meet the relevant requirements.

What will happen next ?

The Home Office will introduce into the immigration rules a new Indefinite Leave to remain category for current Turkish business persons (ECAA). This will be a charged route.

Anyone who has applied for Turkish business person Settlement before the post marked date of 16th March 2018 will be processed under the previous terms of ILR.

"We will introduce a new ILR category for current Turkish ECAA business persons into the Immigration Rules. While the requirements of such a category are to be determined, this will be a charged route in line with others who are seeking to settle in the UK."
Information for clients of Mann’s Solutions.

We will provide more information to our clients on the latest news for introduction of NEW (ILR) ROUTE for Turkish business persons (ECAA), as soon as UKVI (part of Home Office) will announce NEW CATEGORY.

If you have further questions or would like to consult on how these updates will affect your immigration status in the UK, please contact us and our consultants will assist on your enquiries.

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